Presale Passwords: The Key To Getting Great Tickets Early

Trying to buy tickets for a popular concert or sports event can be a frustrating experience. Believe me, I know. If you're like me, you've probably run into a message telling you that there were no more tickets available, even though tickets only went sale a few minutes ago! You logged in on time, zoomed through the ticket buying process, and even tried pulling tickets in multiple windows..and yet nothing. Frustrated, you bang your fist on the keyboard, causing everything to fall in a chain reaction like a car crash at the Daytona 500.

How could this have happened, you wonder? Unfortunately the cold-hard truth is this: there are thousands of other people doing the same thing at the same time. When you're trying to buy tickets for an event, you are not just competing with other die-hard concert fans. You will often be competing against people armed with better tools than yourself. These people are called ticket brokers, and they are known to use sophisticated ticket-buying software or even networks of people to mass-buy the best seats in the house. They make a very profitable business out of snapping up as many seats as they can, forcing the event to sell out, and then re-selling them at above face value. This can actually be a very profitable business.

This does not mean you don't stand a chance of getting great seats on your own during the public on-sale. But how can you give yourself an advantage over all this competition? There are many methods you can use to increase your chances of getting great tickets at face value, and this article focuses on one of the easiest and most effective ways: taking advantage of presales.

A presale is a special window of time during which you can purchase tickets at face value, before they go onsale to the general public. Think of a presale as a "sale before the sale." Presales are generally run on the website of the official ticket vendor (Ticketmaster, Live Nation, etc.) and are most often sponsored by fan clubs, radio stations, e-newsletters, concert venues, and credit card companies. However, in order to gain access to a presale, one must obtain the correct presale password, either from digging around the net like a master detective, or from a website that lists them. The latter option is often the easiest. Once you have the password, you can gain access to the presale and purchase tickets at face value as one would normally do during the official public onsale.

The advantage of course is that you get a first crack at tickets, giving you a leg up on the competition. You are effectively doubling your chances of getting the seats you want. This can be crucial, because sometimes nearly ALL the tickets for an event are available during a presale. As an example, when the UFC went to Toronto, Canada for the first time, it sold its entire block of 42, 000 tickets during the presale!

Don't panic just yet, concert fan. For here are the steps in taking advantage of presales:

1. Obtain the password from a trusted presale password website.

2. Log on to event page at Ticketmaster, Live Nation, or wherever the tickets are being sold.

3. As soon as the clock turns to the time of the presale, refresh the page, enter the password, and specify the quantity of tickets you want to buy.

4. Solve the CAPTCHA that will appear. Here's a useful tip: if buying through Ticketmaster, you don't need to type in spaces or have every single letter correct. A "mostly correct" CAPTCHA works most of the time, and can save you from having to start all over again.

5. Here's another tip: if you don't end up getting any seats, you should still repeat the above steps several times. This is because many people will be pulling up and throwing back tickets during the early stages of a presale, and as a result, the quantity of tickets available will change by the second.

There can be some limitations on presales, although they usually aren't much of an issue. You may be limited to buying a maximum quantity of tickets, and as mentioned earlier, sometimes there are only certain seats or sections available. Sometimes you must be a paid member of the artist's fan club in order to get your unique password. Finally, presales tend to happen during weekday mornings at 10am local time, so you may be at work or school and unable to log in at that time. However, in this day and age, proper planning means it shouldn't be hard to find a computer almost anywhere you might be.

Finally, just remember that if you want the best tickets, timing is everything. Be on time, and complete the above steps as fast as you can. Just because you are competing with less people does not mean pulling the best seats will be easy. Perhaps the most important tip is to get your password from a copyright presale info quality site. This saves you both time and money. Besides, there's nothing worse than getting the wrong password and not even being able to get into the presale in the first place.


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